Nutrient Removal & Water Quality

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) provided construction project management services for four (4) locations:

  • Esperanza Middle School
  • Green Holly Elementary School
  • Pegg Road
  • Spring Ridge Middle School

The scope of services included:

  • Attendance of pre-construction meeting and subsequent meetings with County/State agencies (Soil Conservation District, MDE) as necessary to ensure project compliance with agency requirements/permits.
  • Provide oversight and inspect site work as necessary to ensure Contractor compliance with the construction contract documents and all project permits.
  • Ensure that all materials testing and reporting is performed in accordance with the contract documents and the SHA Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials.
  • Maintain communication/coordination with the Contracting Officer’s Representative and conduct bi-weekly progress meetings.
  • Prepare inspection daily reports (IDRs) and reconcile material quantities installed daily with Contractor’s superintendent.
  • Coordinate County approval of project materials prior to use for the project.
  • Maintain all project files/records and prepare Sketchbook per SHA requirements for the County’s records.
  • Review and recommend approval of Contractor requests for payment.
  • Ensure as-built drawings are prepared and maintained by the Contractor and accurately reflect all work performed.
  • Ensure construction stays on schedule by identifying Contractor performance issues that will impact the schedule and report the issues accordingly.

The Project consists of the following major work items:

  • Stormwater management pond retro-fit construction within or near existing facilities including clearing and grubbing, grading, construction of temporary access ways, construction of stormwater treatment and conveyance systems, and installation of landscaping materials.
  • Modification and/or removal and replacement of existing site features including storm drains and inflow protection, riser structures, embankments, outfall structures, outlet protection, fencing, site access ways, and pavement.
  • Installation of manufactured hydrodynamic structures.
  • Restoration of disturbed areas, including temporary access ways.