Crittenden Street Improvements

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) was responsible for the development of complete construction plans, specifications and estimates for improvements the Crittenden Street Corridor from Hamilton Street to US Route 1 and the intersection at 40 th Place in Hyattsville, Maryland. The project was approximately 3,000 feet in length and the improvements included design for improved safety conditions, ADA requirements, and improvements to the overall functionality of the roadway.

Roadway Design: The project is located in a densely developed residential area with limited right-of-way space. BAI was responsible for the highway realignment (horizontal and vertical), drainage design, sidewalk/ramp design, traffic calming, erosion and sediment control, maintenance of traffic, signing/pavement marking, stormwater management, and structural soldier pile retaining wall design.

Drainage, SWM and ESC: BAI designed improvements to the existing stormwater management (quality and quantity control) to meet the current regulations. BAI designed a series of environmental site design (ESD) facilities to the maximum extent practical (MEP) involving a series of low impact development (LID) facilities, including micro-bioretention and rain gardens with complete landscaping design to improve biological uptake within each facility.

Retaining Wall Design: To minimize impacts to homeowners, BAI was also responsible for the design of a 115-foot solider pile retaining wall with precast concrete panels and simulated form liner finish.

Traffic Engineering: To enhance traffic and pedestrian safety, BAI designed a series of five (5) intersection speed tables to act as a speed deterrent throughout the project corridor. The speed tables were designed with a surface imprint brick liner treatment to improve aesthetic appeal.