Halfway / Massey Boulevard

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) developed complete construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for the $4 million Federally funded roadway improvement project to improve safety, congestion and operation at the most congested intersection in Washington County.

Traffic Engineering: Initially, BAI provided travel forecasting for study-year growth, including potential commercial facilities, turning volumes, lane configurations and alternative improvement options. Utilizing Synchro software, BAI projected peak-hour volumes, delay and queue lengths which determined the need for, and length of additional turning lanes, dedicated turning lanes and traffic signal operation. Upon completion of the traffic and transportation analysis, BAI prepared design documents for the improvements, which included the entire intersection and nearly one-mile of roadway approach alignment.

Roadway Design/ADA Compliance/Stakeholder Coordination: BAI was responsible for complete horizontal and vertical alignments, pavement widening and relocation, intersection geometry, involving WB-67 truck movement, overlay and pavement reconstruction. The design also included ADA complaint sidewalks and access, safety grading and APS signals. To facilitate the roadway widening, BAI was responsible for commercial access and entrance relocations, coordination with owners, and public presentations.

Drainage/SWM/ESC/Environmental: The project also included detailed open and closed drainage system modifications and relocations, culvert extension and MDE permitting. BAI also was responsible for wetland delineation/mitigation, erosion and sediment control (ESC) and utility relocation for telephone, water, sanitary and electric. Extensive right-of-way acquisition and temporary easements were also required.

Traffic Control: For phased construction of the improvements, BAI developed complete traffic control plans for each portion of roadway improvements, including temporary traffic signal operation. Final traffic signal plans, highway signing and lighting, and pavement marking plans were developed by BAI. Brudis & Associates, Inc. also provided aesthetic considerations during the design and prepared estimates of construction cost and construction specifications.