I-270 At Watkins Mill Road

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) performed a technical review of the civil, structural, traffic, water resources plans, specifications and engineer’s estimate for the $94M construction of a new interchange between I-270 (Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Highway) and Watkins Mill Road between MD 124 (Montgomery Village Avenue) and the Great Seneca Creek. The project documents were prepared by an A/E consultant and BAI performed an independent review for technical accuracy, specifications and construction estimate completeness, and adherence to MDSHA design standards and professional engineering standards.

Major work included the construction of a bridge for Watkins Mill Road spanning I-270, on and off ramps providing access from Watkins Mill Road to I-270, a new off ramp for MD 124, stream restoration of the unnamed tributary to the Great Seneca Creek that runs alongside SB I-270, the relocation of several utility lines, signalization of the intersections between these ramps and Watkins Mill Road, and construction of several retaining walls along the ramps. Also included was the grinding and resurfacing of mainline and C/D lanes of I-270 as well as a portion of Watkins Mill Road, construction of two culverts and several drainage structures as part of the storm water management and erosion and settlement control, including the extension of the existing culvert that carries the unnamed tributary underneath I-270 to include the ramp to MD 124, landscaping, utility relocation work, and signing/pavement markings.