Lutheran Village Bridge

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) provided professional structural engineering services for the design of a 100’± span pedestrian/emergency vehicle use-bridge and concrete foundations located at a stream crossing near the Miller’s Grant site development property in Ellicott City, Maryland. The structure is a single-lane, pre-engineered bridge approximately 12’± wide to accommodate emergency fire vehicles.

Structural Design: The design included a bridge general plan and elevation, foundation plans and details, abutment plans and elevations, and typical abutment sections and details. BAI designed the concrete bridge foundations for a pre-engineered bridge superstructure to meet site and loading parameters. The bridge foundations were designed to support both pedestrian and emergency vehicle loads based on geotechnical borings and design recommendations, and met all local and state design codes.

Roadway Geometrics, Scour Analysis: BAI prepared structural design plans for the proposed bridge abutments and foundations, which were site adapted to the approach roadway geometry and profile grade lines. Specification sections for the bridge superstructure and foundation items of work were completed in accordance with the Howard County Design Manual, Volume IV, Standard Specifications and Details for Construction. BAI also prepared construction cost estimates for the bridge structural items of work, and performed a scour analysis for design of the bridge foundations and completed a Scour Analysis Report.

Construction Phase Services: BAI also provided construction phase services including the preparation of bid addenda, review and approval of detailed shop drawings, review and approval of the pre-engineered bridge superstructure design drawings, and responses to questions from the contractor (RFI’s).