Machine Traffic Count Services

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) provided manual traffic and machine traffic count services under a five (5) year statewide open-end agreement with the Maryland DOT’s, State Highway Administration’s Data Services Engineering Division (DSED).

Traffic count assignments were performed at locations statewide and included:

  •  ADT Short-Duration Counts
  • ATR Validation Counts for Volume
  • Classification
  • Speed
  • Gap
  • Vehicle Length
  • Class-By-Speed
  • Manual Intersection Counts
  • Occupancy Count
  • Queue Studies
  • Travel Time
  • Delay Studies


Counts were performed under an on-call basis with short turnaround times. BAI conducted on average 15-20 locations per week at various locations throughout the State of Maryland. BAI completed varying lengths of data collection including 13-hour manual counts and 48-hour to 7-day machine counts, and data collection methods employed included non-intrusive video collection and radar-based speed collection.

BAI was responsible for all project scheduling, safety and equipment training, equipment management and calibration, coordination of subconsultants, validation of traffic data, as well as quality control and quality assurance. Deliverable reports included spreadsheet tabulations by lane and by direction, photographs, GPS-locations field observations, condition diagram, field observations, conversions from ADT to Average Annual Daily Traffic, Critical Lane Volume, and Volume-to-Capacity ratio.

Assignments under this contract also included non-traffic count services such as the testing and validation of CHART traffic monitoring stations, as well as the testing and reporting of the latest traffic data collection technology for future use in the state’s Traffic Monitoring programs. BAI also provided highway and traffic engineering analysis, travel forecasting assistance, traffic count processing and GIS support.

Services included:

  • Traffic count analysis and processing
  • System-wide analysis and quality control
  • Special project assistance
  • Processing requests for traffic counts
  • Review/validate count accuracy
  • Assistance in converting, validating and loading historical count data
  • Research historical traffic data
  • GPS data collection on MD publicly maintained roads
  • Investigation and implementation of new technologies
  • Database Maintenance
  • TMS file data management
  • Design/layout of published TMS products
  • GIS services in developing/maintaining TMS web-based applications