Mcdonogh Road Bridge

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) was responsible for design and preparation of complete contract documents for advertisement including plans, specifications and cost estimates for a $1.1 million construction project for the rehabilitation of McDonogh Road Bridge over the Gwynns Falls stream valley park in Baltimore County, Maryland.
Structural Design: BAI performed all aspects of structural design for the concrete deck replacement project of the three-span, continuous steel beam bridge, which also included steel superstructure and substructure repairs. BAI conducted an extensive field investigation for the structure condition assessment of the existing steel beams, piers, abutments, bearings, deck and parapets, including measurement of key as-built dimensions. BAI performed a structural load rating analysis of the existing steel beams and splice connections to support the new concrete deck and current AASHTO highway loadings.

BAI was responsible for preparation of complete structural plans and details for the deck replacement, rehabilitation and repairs to the abutments, piers, steel beam superstructure, connections and bearings. BAI also developed details for aesthetic treatment of the new parapets, piers and wing walls in order to replicate the original historic character of the bridge.

Highway Design: BAI provided approach roadway alignment and design, scupper drainage analysis, traffic barrier modifications, pavement transitions and AASHTO highway Design Criteria safety assessment. These included alignment design for the approach roadway, design speed/sight distance, safety grading, signing and pavement marking plans. BAI provided environmental permit services including stormwater management, erosion and sediment control plans, and preparation of USACE Joint Permit Application drawings and documents for placement of scour protection rip rap in the waterway. BAI also prepared public meeting displays for use by MSHA officials to present at the public hearing.

Traffic Engineering: BAI prepared a Maintenance of Traffic Alternative Analysis (MOTAA) for separate detour and traffic control options, maintenance of traffic (MOT) and MUTCD work zone signing. BAI prepared temporary traffic signal plans for one-lane traffic control and bridge construction due to the narrow bridge width.

Construction Phase Services: BAI performed services including review of shop/working drawings, providing responses to bid questions and contractor RFI’s, and providing support to SHA for resolving construction issues.