NIST Remodeling Project

Brudis & Associates (BAI) completed material reviews / acceptance prior to the shop drawing submittal and review process. Plan & specification reviews coincided with shop drawing review and approval, RFI review and recommended actions, oversight of architectural services provided by our subcontractor GVA, Inc. As well as on site investigations, inspections and reviews of structural analysis for both structural and wind load allowances for the window replacements at nine different building locations on the NIST Rockville, Maryland Campus.

BAI attended pre-construction meetings and progress meetings to ensure that materials submittals and shop drawing submittals satisfied the contract requirements. Color samples for window replacements were matched to original design schemes. Addressed an RFI in which the contractor requested to install windows from the outside due to restricted access internally, this was resolved when it was safely decided that the windows could be flipped and installed from the outside with proper weep-hole placement for drainage purposes.