SHA Construction Contract

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) was responsible for providing a thorough and systematic evaluation of the contractor’s construction contract claims to determine if the contractor is entitled to additional money and/or time. Activities included gathering the appropriate project documents; interviewing personnel involved in the project; visiting the job site; taking photographs as necessary; reviewing contract drawings and documents; researching specifications, laws and codes; preparing reports and letters; developed claim defense strategies and/or resolution to issues and attending meetings with the appropriate parties. The contractor’s claim submittal was reviewed closely to determine if it was filed in accordance with the specification’s criteria and to determine whether or not the contractor’s supporting documentation legitimately justified their claims per the specification’s criteria. Once the claim was deemed legitimate the contractor’s methodology for reaching an equitable amount of compensation was thoroughly examined.

Project Highlights:

  • Claims evaluation
  • Compile project documents
  • Interview project personnel
  • Job site visit
  • Contract document review
  • Law/Code review
  • Claim Analysis report preparation
  • Claim defense strategy
  • Claim meetings
  • Critical Path Method Schedule review
  • ICPM analysis
  • CPM monthly update reviews