Spectrum Drive Improvements

In order to improve safety, traffic capacity, operation and vehicular flow at the Francis Scott Key mall, Brudis & Associates, Inc. provided complete engineering services for the reconstruction of Spectrum Drive, Holiday Drive and Lowes Lane, beginning at the intersection of MD Route 85, east of Holiday Drive for a total distance of nearly one mile.

Roadway Alignment/Traffic Analysis:

Initially the project involved extensive preliminary traffic engineering for the entire road network. BAI provided traffic engineering analysis, including Synchro/SimTraffic modeling and simulation, traffic data collection, vehicle queue determination, traffic signals and roundabout alternatives, capacity projections, examination of the retaining wall, level-of-service (LOS) determinations and vehicle/pedestrian safety investigations.


BAI was responsible for complete horizontal and vertical site control and topographic survey for the entire project. The construction also needed record plans, boundary surveys, R/W acquisition and deed descriptions.

Roadway Design/Traffic Engineering and Construction Plans:

BAI developed complete plans, specifications and cost estimates for the roadway improvements. The design incorporated roundabout alignment, pavement widening and re-construction, continuous curb/gutter, concrete sidewalk design, pedestrian safety and mall parking reconstruction. BAI also provided traffic signal design services for the intersections of Spectrum Drive at Holiday Drive East, Lowes Lane and at the Mall Entrance. BAI also prepared detailed phased traffic control/construction plans to maintain vehicular and pedestrian access to the mall during construction.