TMDL SWM Assessment

Brudis and Associates, Inc. (BAI) conducted a site search for potential new SWM BMPs locations along SHA owned roadways and facilities in Cecil County. Objectives include: (a) identify the locations of the potential Best Management Practices (BMP) sites along the highways owned by SHA which have minimal existing water quality treatment; (b) screen potential BMP locations for appropriateness for the locations; (c) prepare concept plans for proper BMPs identified; (d) treat impervious runoff from SHA owned roads and get Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) credit by installing BMPs; and (e) improve water quality of streams located downstream of BMPs to comply with different local, state and federal regulations governing water quality improvement of Chesapeake Bay. Potential locations for facilities were identified and concept designs, to maximize water quality treatment, were prepared for most feasible locations. Included identification of impervious area/shapes, desktop analysis, field investigations of potential BMPs, ranking of feasible potential BMP sites and SW concept design for feasible sites.