TMDL SWM Grass Swale Designs-Anne Arundel County

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) provided planning and design services for grass swales along MD 100 and MD 10 to achieve improved water quality and meet TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) requirements for nutrient and sediment pollution reduction to the Chesapeake Bay as a part of Maryland’s Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Final Phase I. The project included desktop and field investigation for 100 TMDL SWM (Storm Water Management) grass swales and design of 50 selected grass swales.

Desktop/Field Evaluation.

BAI performed a desktop evaluation of MD 100 and MD 10 roadway corridors to determine potential locations of new grass swales that would maximize all grass swale opportunities within these corridors. The evaluation was based on the results of previous investigations, which identified the existing roadside ditches that failed to meet MDE (Maryland Department of Environment) criteria and were failing to provide water quality treatment. BAI’s team completed field investigations of the 100 feasible new grass swale sites based on the results of the desktop evaluation.

BAI verified the base information against field observations, visually confirmed drainage patterns and land use, identified site constraints such as natural resources, site accessibility and utilities, investigated downstream outfall conditions, and documented the existing conditions with photos.