Traffic Signal Design Services

BAI developed complete construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for new and/or modified traffic signals at more than 200 intersection locations, throughout the State. The design services included field investigations and the establishment of associated traffic control device needs, determination of safety standards and funding requirements.  Traffic signal assignments were developed as an “Insert” to a formal construction project (i.e. highway improvement); under an “Area-wide” agreement, which involved construction by an existing SHA contractor; or as a “Stand Alone” contract bid procurement award.  Several of the signal designs were classified by MDOT as “STAR” projects, which required the design services be completed within one week of initial notification.

The signal design services included:

ŸType/Size/Location of Signal and PolesŸ Proposed Utility Service Needs

ŸControllers, Cabinets and Wiring

ŸAccessory Devices and Equipment

ŸSite Distance and Visibility Needs

ŸStructure Foundation Design

ŸVehicle Detection-Loop, Video or Radar

ŸSignal Pre-emption; Flashing Beacons

ŸField Survey/Intersection MappingŸ  Pedestrian Countdown Signals

Contract/Equipment Summary Sheets

ŸSignal Systemization, Simulation

ŸADA Compliance Mitigation

ŸClear Zone, Traffic Barrier Analysis

ŸOverhead Clearance Validation