US 15 Northbound Auxiliary Lane

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) was responsible for developing design documents for the construction of a continuous auxiliary lane on northbound US 15, from the Motter Avenue interchange to the MD 26 interchange. US Route 15 is a four-lane divided National Highway in Frederick County, Maryland.

Roadway Design: BAI managed the collection of topographic survey data, wetland boundary locating, and provided construction plans including: horizontal geometry of the base widening, development of a superelevation diagram, relocation of traffic barrier, environmental site design (ESD) for stormwater management and erosion and sediment control, signing and pavement marking plans, maintenance of traffic plans, and preparation of cross sections. The base widening and associated roadside grading impacted an existing 9’ x 6’ box culvert that passes under US 15. SHA Office of Structures (OOS) was responsible for designing a 100-foot long retaining wall to mitigate the impacts to this culvert. BAI was responsible for coordinating with OOS to get them survey and roadway design data for development of the retaining wall type, size, and location, then incorporating their wall into the roadway design plans.