Cheltenham Youth Facility - Pond & Site Stabilization

Designed the restoration of an existing 15-ft earthen dam structure, pond stabilization, and stream restoration at the Department of Juvenile Services facility.

  • Maryland Department of General Services
  • Cheltenham, MD
  • $661k

Conducted a detailed H/H analysis for the existing pond and proposed alternative, a pond that met current MDE standards, criteria, and regulation for safety as well as water quality and quantity treatment. Environmental site design (ESD) concepts were used to stabilize the site, and stream downstream of pond was also restored. Determined the presences of rare, threatened, or endangered species and the historical resources within project area. Also prepared a Joint Federal State Permit Application (JPA) with impact plates that incorporated the wetland and waterway boundaries and SWM/drainage/ESC designs. BAI’s team developed final design construction documents for the retrofits and provided construction phase services.