DGS Marine Structures

At various parks statewide, BAI designed various types of marine structures such as boat ramps, catwalks, bulkheads, piers, and fish passages.

  • Maryland Department of General Services
  • Statewide, MD
  • Varies

BAI designed marine structures for the following:
  • Concrete slab boat ramp, timber pier and catwalk, asphalt road and turnaround, and site lighting at the Matapeake Marine Terminal

  • Catwalk and piers to replace the damaged boat ramp, catwalk, and piers at the Rogues Harbor Boating Facility at Elk Neck State Park that were damaged during Hurricane Isabel

  • Pier construction and expansion of parking facilities at the Lapidum Boating Facility at Susquehanna State Park

  • A new 25,000 square foot concrete floating dock and wave attenuation system complete with fire main systems, ADA accessible handicap ramps/railing, utility pedestals for hook-ups for fifty (50) boat slips at the Sweden Point Marina at Smallwood State Park

  • Alaskan Steep-Pass Fish Ladders on the existing concrete dam at the Jones Lake Dam, and Lake Bonnie Dam