MS-4 Compliance for Baltimore County

Designed plans for five locations that were part of MS-4 compliance for industrial sites owned by the County, in order to obtain the NPDES General Permit for Discharges from Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities.

  • Baltimore County DPW
  • Baltimore, MD
  • $1.1M

Project goals included treating 20% of the existing impervious using stormwater BMPs or reducing the site impervious area by 20%, or combination thereof. BAI was also responsible for preparation of Notice of Intent (NOI) and a complete Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for all five sites. General good housekeeping measures such as site cleanup, organizing and measures that prevent oil & fuel spills were also implemented to reduce discharge of pollutants into stormwater system, thereby enhancing the sites’ environmental compliance. BAI also assisted the County in providing construction phase support services, and following the completion of construction, this project was showcased at the Engineering Green conference and presented by BAI staff to show how ESD can be utilized on small footprints.