Canal Road Improvements

Prepared a detailed study safety considering rockslides, vehicular crashes, roadside obstructions, and traffic operations along over 5 miles of Canal Road, N.W. and the associated roadway approaches.

  • DDOT
  • Washington, D.C
  • $1.3M

Identified deficiencies and developed recommendations for roadway and slope-side drainage, slope stability, traffic operations, bicycle/pedestrian access to the adjacent Capitol Crescent Trail, and maintenance for short- & long-term operation of the roadway. Developed intersection improvements through geometric and traffic signal improvements to address the severe bottlenecks within the corridor and improve sight distance. Provided signalized pedestrian crosswalks and updated all pedestrian signals to countdown signals as necessary. Also added sidewalk and bicycle lanes, and 10’ wide shared use path separated by a concrete barrier. Improved roadway lighting, barrier (guardrail) and end treatment improvements, added ITS features including overhead dynamic lane control signs, variable message signs, traffic cameras, improved the existing tunnel to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists.