Hamilton Street Streetscape

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) was responsible for the engineering design of the Hamilton Street Corridor improvements, which emphasized improvements to public safety, community aesthetics and general traffic and pedestrian operations. BAI developed complete construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for Artway improvements to Hamilton Street (38 th Avenue to 40 th Avenue). BAI endeavored to promote neighborhood accessibility with a design that emphasized pedestrian safety improvements and connectivity to surrounding communities and to the nearby 32-acre Magruder Park, a focal point of the project location at 40th Avenue and Hamilton Street.

Traffic Calming, Stormwater Management: BAI’s design redefined vehicular travel lanes, enhanced and repaired failing pavement within the corridor. BAI was responsible for the geometric realignment, development of concrete bus pads, drainage design, and sustainable stormwater management. The project also involved sediment and erosion control plans in accordance with regulatory permitting and stormwater management design.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accessibility/Safety: BAI enhanced pedestrian movements through sidewalk upgrades (including retrofits and repairs to failing pavement), and the incorporation of pedestrian lighting. Finally, the addition of bicycle lanes, concrete bus pads and the re-definition of travel lanes and the conversion to on-street parking all contributed to the project goals of enhancing connectivity, public safety and community aesthetics.