Riverview Elementary School Parking Lot Expansion

Designed the parking lot improvements and expansion at Riverview Elementary School to provide congestion relief on the school site and on the road to the school, and improved traffic flow and safety for vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Baltimore County, MD
  • $1.2M

The existing parking lot was experiencing high volumes of parent drop-off/pick-ups, which resulted in severe congestion and delays causing traffic to back-up onto the mainline roadway. Additionally, the existing parking lot only had one shared-use entrance for both staff/parents and buses, which further compounded traffic congestion. Provided designs to reduce congestion and improve peak traffic flow by separating bus traffic and staff/parent traffic. Designed a new vehicular entrance loop for buses/visitor parking only and expanded existing parking lot to accommodate all staff while concurrently redefining a drop-off location with sufficient queue length to not impact the adjacent road. The design was completed and regulatory permitting obtained within a strict 6-month time frame so construction could begin during the summer months.